Monday, 15 October 2007

Nick Clegg - Stand Up Please

I'm saddened to see the resignation of Ming Campbell but not completely surprised. He did do a great deal to strengthen the internal party organisation but unfortunately there was an image issue. I hope that whoever succeeds him in the forthcoming leadership election will have the wisdom to give Ming the Foreign Affairs brief in which he clearly has always excelled.

I'm going to declare my support for Nick Clegg who I think had what it took 18 months ago and I believe even more strongly has what it takes to lead our Party.

Go, Nick, go!


Anonymous said...

If Clegg 'had what it took' 18 months ago why didn't he stand?
We don't need a CameronBlair clone for Leader, we need someone to be an alternative - that person is Chris Huhne.

Toby Philpott said...

Shame the individual who posted this comment didn't have the courage of their convictions and state who they are.

Probably amongst the usual suspects. Things are going to be interesting in Shepway now.

Anonymous said...

Erm why did your name appear on the 'chris2win' website at the time and is stilled cached so?

Toby Philpott said...

Still lacking in courage aren't you "Anonymous".

I backed Chris because Nick wouldn't stand. I asked Nick to stand at the time and he refused.

My support for Nick Clegg has been long term.

Be careful about having a go at me in the light of these events. I'm not in a generous mood at the moment.

Tristan said...

I find it interesting the attacks on Nick Clegg have started already...
Its interesting that he's likened to Blair/Cameron. He may be young, but he's shown he's very capable and has liberal political beliefs rather than pure power hunger.
So really, not much like Blair or Cameron except superficially.