Thursday, 11 October 2007

Hu Jintao - You Don't Get Away That Easily

I've focused my recent postings on Burma where clearly something desperately needs to happen to force the Military regime to it's senses or better still, see it fall from power.

China must be very happy that the world's attention is turned to Burma as it seems that the wave of repression that I predicted several months ago surrounding the CPC Congress is coming to pass according to this Human Rights Watch report which I received today.

The world needs to raise pressure on Beijing to clean up it's act as well. I'm not sure that I'm quite at the point that Colin Ross is at of calling for an Olympic Boycott but if the kind of repressive behaviour that we are seeing in China at present continues then I will certainly have to consider whether to join those voices who would want an international boycott.

It is sad to note that so often with the regime in Beijing they seem to take half a step forward by releasing a dissident or two and then a step backwards.

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