Tuesday, 16 October 2007

How Apt

Simon Hoggart has excelled himself today in The Guardian but not perhaps in the way he intended. This quote is very apt:

"At Mafia funerals it's always the capo who ordered the hit who makes the most fulsome speech over the coffin - about the departed's wonderful qualities, his integrity, his patriotism, his love of family".

I think that Ming made the decision in consultation with others. I think he had several scenarios in mind and spoke to a number of people about what he should do. I don't think that he was assassinated.


Don Liberali said...

Signor Hoggart no know what he talk about...

I would though like at this moment to pay tribute to Don Campbell's wonderful qualities, his integrity, his patriotism, and his love of family.

Grazie Egregio

Don Liberali

Mountjoy said...

It was the media that did it, not the Lib Dem party. The ageism of the media and press is the most galling thing, though.