Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Oi! Over Here Nich!

Was a bit dismayed to see this blog only ranked 100th (!?!) after Stephen Tall had me up at 16th=.

I can only speculate that Nich either really hates this blog or perhaps didn't realise that I had restarted blogging and that www.liberallegend.blogspot.com is not really a functioning blog any longer. A bit frustrating to be ranked lower than someone who is no longer a Lib Dem and a number of other bloggers that are no longer posting.

Perhaps Nich is trying to tell me something!!


Matt Wardman said...


You are right.

Nich's link is to your old site, which is now a splog (how did you lose control of the address?).

Stephen linked to the new one.

This could get lost, so I suggest you email Iain Dale with the correct details and point out that he should ignore Nich's ranking as it has the wrong address and use Stephen's.

It might get you 16th....

This is the sort of thing that Iain might lose in the detail.


Norfolk Blogger said...

Sorry, I didn't have your new url and as I stated in my blog posting, can only apologise if I have made a mistake.

I do like your new blog. I'll e-mail Iain Dale to see if I can bump you up the list.


Toby Philpott said...

Thanks Nich. I can appreciate that it was a genuine mistake. I'm rather impressed that Liberal Legend in it's old format made it to 100 given the state it is now in.

The story of how I came to lose control over the site url is a long and sad one. For the sake of local party unity in Shepway and in the spirit of S.U.M.O. I really don't want to recover old ground.