Wednesday, 8 August 2007

The Chinese Communist Party Can't Regulate Itself and Never Could

The Chinese Communist Party somehow have this strange notion that thousands of corrupt officials turning themselves in somehow inspires confidence amongst the Chinese people and the world as a whole. This bizarre article on the Renmin Ribao (人民日报) website somehow is supposed to impress everyone that the CPC is keeping it's house in order.

The reality is though that this is only the tip of a very long iceberg and frankly corruption of this magnitude leaves the CPC open to charges that it is unable to regulate itself. It is yet more evidence that it should begin the process of opening up the political system in China and implementing the "Fifth Modernisation" (民主).

China needs the equivalent of the Guomindang's former leader Zhang Qingguo who had the wisdom to realise that authoritarianism was not sustainable and committed his party to sharing power with others on the island. Sadly Hu Jintao seems to understand this even less than his predecessor Jiang Zemin. He is also likely to surround himself with more "yes men" this year at the 17th Congress of the CPC.

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