Monday, 20 August 2007

Ashley Mote, MEP for La La Land Should Resign

I've just taken another look at the report by the BBC of the conviction of Ashley Mote MEP on 21 counts of fraud. I then thought I would take a look at his website and found this bizarre statement:

"As is now widely known, the jury in my court case returned 21 guilty verdicts and four not-guilty.

"My legal team is already working on an appeal against the convictions. I am told this process may take some time. Meanwhile, I am advised to say nothing more about the case itself.

"However, and immediately, my legal team has asked me to assemble independent evidence of the contribution I have made over recent years to the restoration of the right of the British people to govern ourselves.

"They are especially interested in evidence of my activities on behalf of the electorate of South-East England since my election to the European Parliament in 2004".

Here's my comment as a voter in the South East:

Look Ashley, you've falsely claimed benefits and effectively ripped the British taxpayer off. You've been convicted. The odds on you clearing your name in the face of overwhelming evidence in a British court (not a European one) should convince you that the game is up.

For the sake of the electorate of the South East of England - GO NOW!

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