Thursday, 19 July 2007

Boiling in Pristina

It's got to be said that Pristina is boiling for more than one reason. Firstly, it is about 40C here during the daytime which I don't mind so much and only wish we could enjoy something like that in Folkestone where the temperature struggles to get much above 20C for most of the time at the moment. Where DID that hot summer we were promised go?

The second reason relates to difficulties with the Russians. All the talk amongst the Kosovars is about difficulties with Putin (does that sound familiar?). He's not quite doing a Krushchev by banging his shoe on a table shouting "nyet, nyet, nyet" but he seems to be not far off. The Kosovars are getting rather impatient regarding the final status of Kosova and it has to be said that if they weren't Muslims then Vladimir Putin would probably not be on their Christmas card list.

They also revere Tony Blair (yes, I too share that collective "WHY?" that goes up from Liberal Democrats - hopefully Greg Stone will be Blair's replacement as MP within the next few hours) and more understandably they will soon be erecting a statue to Bill Clinton here in Prishtina.

I've now got to get back to work and burn the midnight oil preparing management training materials for next week. In the meantime Prishtina is buzzing tonight with talk about the future and uncertainty.

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