Sunday, 18 November 2007

Huhne Has Gone Too Far

In 20 years of membership of the Liberals or Liberal Democrats I have never seen anything as appalling as Chris Huhne's conduct today and given some of my recent personal experiences, that's saying something! The same old nonsense has been wheeled out again regarding Nick's position on education, the health service and Trident.

Chris' conduct on BBC1 today has damaged the Party's image and, should he hopefully lose the leadership election, has consigned him to the backbenches. How on earth does he expect Nick Clegg to trust him after he pulls this kind of stunt?

It is very clear that Huhne knew exactly what was in the document as he then brazenly went through it line by line.

The fact that he allowed such a document to go out with such a title shows precisely why he is unfit to be leader. If he can't manage his staff how on earth can he expect to be trusted with the leadership of our party? The short answer is that he can't.

This is the second time that Huhne has allowed negative comments against Nick to go out and then said "oh, sorry, I apologise".

We don't allow these kind of antics in other internal elections and nor should we in leadership elections.

After today, Huhne deserves to be thrashed in this leadership contest good and proper.

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