Sunday, 3 June 2007

The Return of the Liberal Legend Blog

I've decided to revive my blog and frankly, in the light of what I had to put up with from certain elements in the Shepway Liberal Democrats in recent times I am rather sorry that I ever agreed to delete my old one.

A core Liberal value is freedom of speech and it is that freedom I intend to exercise.

If this bothers anyone they have two choices:

  • put up with it; or
  • sue.

Life is simply too short to be forced into silence and there are too many human rights abuses going on in the world, examples of intolerance and appalling goings on for me not to speak out.

1 comment:

Brom & Chis Lib Dem said...

Well done Toby. I had taken the crap from the "3 couples" that you have I would have quit the party. Good to see the forces of liberalism fighting against illiberal bullies!