Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Liberalism Down the Years

Those who know me well know that I draw a lot of strength and encouragement from the wider Liberal Movement, core Liberal ideals within the Liberal intellectual tradition and from the great Liberal thinkers and doers down the years. There are some really great people in the Party and I've had the pleasure of working with some of them over the past nearly 20 years I've been a member of the Liberals and then Lib Dems. I still believe that.

No, I haven't had a good time of it lately in the Party it has to be said.

Word has recently got back to me that persons unnamed were spreading a rumour around that I had had a nervous breakdown. Well, that was news to me!

Frankly I wouldn't give my enemies the satisfaction of taking them or what they have tried to do to me that seriously. Life is too short and is for living. I certainly wouldn't indulge myself in that kind of self-destruction.


a radical writes said...

Too write lib legend glad to see you back on the scene.

LiberalLeft said...

I think I missed something - was there something unpleasant that resulted in you stepping down as a ppc ?

Anonymous said...

liberalleft - http://danhassett.blogspot.com has stories

Tristan said...

Welcome back :)

Sorry to hear about your resignation as PPC, but I hope this will mean some more blogging :)

Alan Beddow [Political Blog] said...

Really good to see you back Toby. I heard the full story the other week. Their Loss.. A.