Thursday, 20 September 2007

Ming's Speech Flicked My Switch

Bravo to Ming. That passion that I saw him display at the last South East/Central Regional Conference came through strong and clear today.

A good strong Liberal speech which should give food for thought to one or two people closer to home. We should practice what we preach.

I think the heat has gone from Ming to where it truly belongs, on the faltering performance of David Cameron and the increasing pressure he is going to come under to retreat back to the "core" vote which has constrained and undermined all his predecessors post John Major.

The trouble for the Tories though is who is in the wings? Boris Johnson? You have to be joking. I loved the Ming quip, "The Blondest Suicide Note in History". They are stuck with DC but the brand is rapidly going past it's sell-by date and may be distinctly stale come the General Election.

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